Come along with author Mitchel Whitington and explore the history and mysteries of the fascinating old riverport of Natchez. Inside you will find many of the city's most intriguing tales...

  • The history of the Natchez Indians who gave the town its name, with their mound-building religion and culture that might seem a bit strange to our society today... and the bloody massacre that made them extinct.
  • Legends of the outlaws of the Natchez Trace - stories of the dastardly men such as the Harpe brothers and Samuel Mason who would just as soon shoot you as look in your direction. You'll read the tales of how many of them met their final demise, and how Big Harpe's head ended up on a pole in the Natchez Trace.
  • The legends of many of the stately Natchez mansions; the people who built them, the lives that they lived there, and those who preserve them today. You won't believe the outlandish - but absolutely true - tales of the Natchez mansions.
  • Many stories from the Natchez cemetery, including a man who was entombed sitting up in a chair, a jazz musician that had a day-job as the city hangman, and a little girl whose mother built an access staircase down into her grave - that is still there today.
  • And of course, many of the city's most colorful characters from its history. A fellow who wanted to be the King of Natchez, a man accused of high treason by the U.S. government, and a woman who ran a successful brothel for years in the historic part of town.'ll read these stories and many, many more here in the pages of Natchez: The History and Mystery of the City on the Bluff!

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