The new book about the 1877 murder of the century in Jefferson, Texas
by author Mitchel Whitington

Two diamond rings...
     The rings were first seen on the hand of the beautiful Diamond Bessie as she was escorted around Jefferson, Texas by her husband. The couple was spotted crossing the bridge over the bayou for a picnic lunch on the afternoon of Sunday, January 21, 1877.
     That evening, the husband was seen at their hotel alone, wearing the two rings that had been on his wife's hand earlier in the day. He took the next passenger train out of town without his wife, but carrying her luggage. The two rings were reportedly found by a detective in a St. Louis pawn shop some time later - the pawn ticket had been signed by her husband.
     On February 5, Bessie's body was found in the woods south of Jefferson with a gunshot wound to the head. A manhunt for the husband was launched, and the nation watched in fascination as one of the most famous stories of the 1800s unfolded.

Read these clips from newspapers of the day...

     "The life and death of Diamond Bessie whose murder provoked one of the most famous trials in Texas history was a story of sin, sorrow and bloody tragedy." - The Jefferson Journal, May 16, 1878.

     "The man, who planned one of the most cowardly murders every perpetrated, whispered words of love and loyalty into the ears of the poor woman, who was only too glad to receive them." - Texarkana Gazette, January 21, 1877.

     "Rothchild is alleged to have conceived and proceeded to carry out a crime so dark, so despicable, and so diabolical that Satan himself must have blushed at its conceptionů" - History of Jefferson, published in 1900.

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