Please help us stay out of your spam filter!

Everyone hates spam - those unsolicited, unwanted emails that clog your inbox promising medical miracles or mortgage refinancing. Believe me, we especially hate them; if there were any way to unleash the spirits of The Grove on spammers, we would have done it long ago. We get about 100-200 spam emails per day, and have even fallen prey to a spammer using our email address to spew his garbage from.

I just want to assure you that we NEVER sell, trade, swap, or even let anyone PEEK at the GroveZine email list.

One concern that we have, though, is that a GroveZine will accidentally get caught up in someone's spam filter. If you have any sort of anti-spam software, then you may want to take a precaution to make sure that doesn't happen. All you have to do is add our email address that we send the ezine from - - to your address book in your email program. Now, that doesn't get anymore email sent in your direction or anything else. It's just that most spam filters will automatically allow any messages in from someone in your address book.

Hopefully someone will come up with a good solution to the spam problem one of these days. In the mean time, we're all walking that fine line between kicking out the messages that we don't want, while still receiving those that we do.