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Welcome to the February GroveZine! First of all, I have to warn you about something. I've finally started using an ezine service, and they basically handle the subscribe/unsubscribe process, the mailout, and all of the nuts and bolts stuff. This is kind of a trial run, so if there are any problems I apologize in advance. Please let me know if anything seems wacky about it this time (except my writing, of course, which is always like that!).

It's that time of year again Mardi Gras! This year it is held on the last weekend in February, and the quaint, historical little town of Jefferson is going to be transformed into a giant festival as literally tens of thousands of people descend on the city. The festivities seem to be going on around the clock. Tami and I will be in the Doo-Dah Parade, which opens the Mardi Gras celebration on Friday night. We have our costumes ready, and have throw-beads by the gross. I never cease to be amazed how the beads transform people. Normally quaint, mild-mannered folks start screaming at the folks in the parade: "Throw me some beads!!!" It's stranger than that, though. We buy them in packages of a gross a dozen dozen, or 144 and we usually have a few left over to carry to the next year. So there I am every year, standing along the route of the Grand Parade, with packages and packages of beads back at The Grove, but as the first float goes by I'll be yelling, "Throw me beads! Throw me beads!" It's an incredible phenomenon... scientists should study it. It's a wonderful time, though, and I can hardly wait. Come join the festival!

Another event coming up in Jefferson may be of particular interest to the ezine audience - The First Annual Texas Paranormal Conference will be held in Jefferson, Texas on April 22, 2006! They asked me to be a speaker there, and I can hardly wait. I think that it's going to be a fun weekend. You can get the details by going to The Grove website (www.thegrove-jefferson.com) and scrolling down until you see the conference banner. Click on it for all the info. As you may know, the bigfoot conference has been held in Jefferson for the last several years, and it has grown into a huge event with 400-500 attendees. I would imagine that this conference will do the same thing in years to come, so don't miss out on this first one!

One more Jefferson item, this one relating to the Candlelight Tour of Homes in December. The Grove has been approached about being one of the featured homes - if this works out, we'll probably start decorating in September. Stay tuned, and start making plans to come see us for the holidays!

Speaking of ghosts, I've started a new project that has been a lot of fun - a blog with supernatural info. It's not strictly related to The Grove, but I try to post ghostly items every single day. You can check it out at Ghost-Blog.com - so far it's been extremely interesting... and feel free to comment on any of the topics!

And on another ghostly topic, a producer has done a film about the haunted places in Jefferson. It will be released this fall, but you can view the trailer on The Grove website. Just go to www.thegrove-jefferson.com, scroll down, and click on the green and black banner that says, "Watch the trailer..." He did a great job, and I can hardly wait to see the whole thing.

As you know, St. Valentine's Day was just a week ago, and we celebrated by having a quiet, candlelight dinner here at The Grove. As we were sitting there at the game room table, I couldn't help but imagine that it was a lot like that back when the place was a restaurant. In the course of the evening, we heard heavy steps coming down the stairs - to the point that we ran into the stairwell to see who was there. Nobody, as it turned out. The bassets were asleep in their beds in the den, and the rest of the house was quiet. Some unseen entity had clumped down the stairs, though; perhaps he caught a whiff of the steaks and baked potatoes, and just came down to see if we'd set another place!

I don't know what spirit might have been coming down from the attic, but we had another story from the attic this month. The former owner, Patrick Hopkins, dropped by with one of his sisters. In the course of conversation his sister asked, "Have you ever experienced anything in the attic?" I told her that we'd had some strange things happen in conjunction with the attic over the past four years. She proceeded to tell me that when Patrick had first purchased the house and started restoring it, something happened up there that her kids still won't talk about. Her young son and daughter wanted to help, so they were assigned to go up there and throw shingles that were stored up there out of one of the dormer windows onto the ground below. In the course of doing this, they suddenly came running downstairs, their eyes as big as half-dollars. They wouldn't divulge what had happened up there, but they would never climb the stairs again. To this day, she told m

Okay, time to close for February, and get ready to put on those Mardi Gras beads and head downtown for the parades!

I'd like to sincerely thank you for reading the GroveZine, and for your interest in the spirits of The Grove.

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