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Hi everyone! It's been an interesting October here at The Grove. First of all, it was great seeing everyone who came out to the October library event in Plano - I had a great time weaving a few ghost stories that evening, and it was wonderful so see so many familiar faces.

We also made it through the October candlelight tours without catching ourselves, the house, or any of our guests on fire. Believe me, that was an accomplishment. We had a great time, though. We're already starting to plan for next October.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, though, we have Christmas coming up, and The Grove will be all decked out for the holidays. We're not sure exactly what the tour times will be, but they'll be posted on the website as soon as we get everything worked out. We are planning around Jefferson's Candlelight Tour of Homes - we don't want to have Grove tours during the Historic Candlelight tours. Not only do we want to support the Jefferson Historic Candlelight, but we're going to be docents in one of the homes.

We also have some sad news for those of you who've been following life at The Grove for a while - "Sister", the black cat who has lived here since about 1990, passed away this past Friday, October 29th. We miss her already - when we used to go out of the side door of the house, she'd be sitting on the well meowing, looking for a little food and attention. The consolation for us was in the fact that when we found her, she was curled in her usual sleeping position - by all indications it was a very peaceful passing.

We had a wonderful "Taste of Jefferson" in October. If you've never been, start planning for next year; not only is it a lot of fun, but the food is magnificent. Once again, I didn't make all of the booths... I was so full that I just couldn't get in one more line! I think that the Taste of Jefferson is one of my all-time favorite events in town. If you decide to go, re-read the September newsletter for tips for the day.

October also brought the annual Bigfoot Conference to town. They've grown to having several hundred attendees, with speakers from all over the U.S. including scientists, zoologists, and representatives of many other respected professions. Tami and I attended this year, but didn't get to sit in on a single lecture. Since Tami is a Jefferson High School Junior Class sponsor, and the Juniors were raising money for their prom by offering a concession stand during the conference, I spent most of the day in front of a grill cooking "bigfoot burgers". I finished up just in time to grab a shower before our 3:00 PM tour of The Grove. It was fun, though - I love grilling.

A season of magic is just around the corner in Jefferson - the "Trail of Lights", which includes the Candlelight Tour of Homes. The city is a beautiful place to visit for the Christmas season. You can find out more on the Chamber of Commerce website:


or the Historic Foundation website:


The question that everyone asks is, "Did anything happen on Halloween night?" Actually, we've never been able to discern a pattern to the supernatural activity. Day or night, weekend or weekdays, dawn or dusk, the spirits here are on their own schedule. Something is just as likely to happen on a lazy Sunday morning as it is at midnight on Halloween... which is one of the things that makes The Grove such an interesting place!

Nothing scary happened on Halloween, although during the tours that weekend we had a couple of interesting events. One lady told me that she was standing in the Dining Room in the doorway to the Game Room, facing the front of the house. They had a couple of children in their group, so when someone began pulling her hand back and letting it go, she assumed that it was one of them. It went on for several minutes before she finally turned around to ask the child to stop... when she did, though, no one was there!

On another tour, I led some folks into the Game Room, and a woman suddenly gasped. "It felt like something just walked right through me!" It took her a minute or two to get over the sensation. Although she didn't know it, she'd been standing right in the path of our famous Lady in White.

I have to say that the most interesting thing that happened this month was when Jim and Brenda Two Feathers came by the house. They were in town visiting the Jefferson Hotel, and because they're very gifted when it comes to interacting with the spirit world, the folks at the hotel told them that they should stop by The Grove. When they did, it was VERY interesting.

Although they didn't know anything about the house, they were able to tell me many things about the house - a few that only Tami and I know and haven't shared with other people. She also expounded on items that we knew only a little about. I was amazed.

In the first few minutes they were here, Brenda began to describe a male presence in the garden, one that she said wasn't a gardner because he was so well-dressed. Of course, we often see the man in a black suit walking through the garden.

Brenda and Jim told me many wonderful stories, several of which will be included in their upcoming book. One particular item happened when Brenda was walking along beside the east side of the house. She felt a phantom blow to the back of her head, with no explanation at all.

Our former groundskeeper reported being hit in the back of the head while on that side of the house as well, with no logical explanation.

Needless to say, I won't be strolling through that side of the property for a while. I've made a lot of notes about their visit, and I'll be sharing them in future GroveZines.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone - have an extra helping of turkey for me!

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